Monkey Mind

Ever have those evenings where you are SO so tired and you think you’re going to sleep well and the moment your head hits the pillow you brain decides to throw a party? I have had a serious case of monkey mind this week. It’s basically like my brain had a monkey running around with the attention span of a 2 year old.

Monkey mind: Hey you! Let’s think about everything! Let’s start from your childhood! You remember those bills you have to pay. Heeeeeeey what about the work you didn’t finish on Wednesday. Purple!

Me: No…I don’t want to think about all that stuff. I want to sleep.

Monkey mind: It’s party time! Don’t be so boring! What’s over here? Plaid! Wheeee!

….and then my eyes popped open because it distracted the monkey. I laid in bed listening to the sounds of sleep through the house and being mildly pissed that I wasn’t making those same sounds. I combatted the monkey mind with ‘Yoga Nidra’. The funny thing about that was that I’d just about fall asleep doing the yoga nidra (super relaxing by the way) and the moment it would end, the monkey mind would creep back into action. I did one ‘Good Night Yoga’ as well but then life threw me another curve ball and I got got da dreaded influenza. The fabulous thing about yoga nidra is that you don’t need to move so I was able to do some kind of yoga even though I was feverish.

screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-23-01-56Yoga Nidra is more of a internal visualisation and relaxation thing. Usually the instructor walks you through some lovely visuals and then walks you through each part of the body to help you relax it. Each teacher approaches it a bit differently but in essence it’s the same. This week I’ve been partial to Craig Norris’ classes. He’s the guy in the picture to the left. He has a very calm manner. Once I’m healthy again, I’ll have to try some of his other classes. He’s very quickly made my short list of favourite teachers. So here’s the breakdown of the classes I did this week:

  1. Jan 1: Yoga Nidra, Rishin Paonaskar
  2. Jan 2: Christmas 18: Yoga Nidra, Craig Norris
  3. Jan 3: Goodnight Yoga, Craig Norris
  4. Jan 4: Christmas 18: Yoga Nidra, Craig Norris
  5. Jan 5: Christmas 18: Yoga Nidra, Craig Norris
  6. Jan 6: Christmas 18: Yoga Nidra, Craig Norris
  7. Jan 7: Yoga Nidra, Craig Norris

I know its not a lot of variety but I needed something to calm my brain and then later on something I could do while running a 39 degree fever. It’s been a long time since I’ve been that this sick. I kind of wonder if my body figured it had permission to rest? You know how you finally go on holiday and you get sick? Maybe it’s a bit something like that. I hope that this coming week I’ll be well enough to do some other things like vinyasa flow. I can’t really say whether or not the yoga has affected my stress level well….because I’ve been doing nothing but laying in bed since Thursday and if thats not relaxing, I dunno what is.


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