My Island of Calm

Somehow Sunday just slipped past me. It was one of those beautiful sunny days where the kids played with their friends and the house was quiet. I cooked new food (polish cabbage rolls are pretty good by the way) and got some of the house cleaned. Over all it was a pretty kick ass day.

Now it’s Monday evening. The kids are all snuggled away in their beds and even my husband decided to go to bed while I was reading the kids a good night story. How is this possible? I have the house to myself and I actually get to watch a movie that I chose on tv!? What alternative universe is this?

This island of calm is wonderful in the wake of the crazy week it’s been. So much


How much do we let the negativity of others affect us?

negativity all over the world after the US presidential inauguration. I’m not going anywhere near politics right now. I’m in my happy place remember? This negativity got me thinking though. How much do we let the negativity of others affect us? For me, other people’s negativity really gets me down. It pushes all my stress buttons. Sometimes it feels like I have no control over how my body reacts to stressors. I always wonder if other people feel this way too.

I’ve read lots of articles where they say you can’t control other peoples actions but you can control your own reactions. I like the idea of this but when someone pushes my buttons, I can’t seem to control how my body reacts. I gotta call bullshit. Somehow, I don’t think the people that write those articles have people with anxiety in mind. I really hope that doing yoga or meditation each day will help me deal with that.

I was a good girl this week. I was on every day but I still haven’t done anything more active than yoga nidra or meditation. I’m SO boring, I know. I will try to do better. Seriously, I need to get active. To be fair to myself though, I did just have a nasty flu bug that knocked me on my butt for a full 2 weeks. I should give myself some credit. Can I earn gold stars for getting out of bed and adulting? The weeks practices were:

  • Sunday 15 Jan: Yoga Nidra – Craig Norris
  • Monday 16 Jan: Yoga Nidra – Craig Norris
  • Tuesday 17 Jan: Yoga Nidra – Craig Norris
  • Wednesday 18 Jan: Yoga Nidra – Craig Norris
  • Thursday 19 Jan: Yoga Nidra – Craig Norris
  • Friday 20 Jan: Pause. Breathe. Meditate – James Huxley
  • Saturday 21 Jan: Pause. Breathe. Meditate – James Huxley

Wow. I didn’t realise how much Yoga Nidra I’ve done until I looked at that list. I really need to diversify. I used to practice yoga nidra with a teacher named Greta Lai. She was great. I usually stayed awake during her sessions but I tend to fall asleep during Craig’s sessions. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I try desperately to stay awake but his voice is so soothing that I fall asleep. Dang.

On a good note, I’ve not had any kind of anxiety attack since December. We all know how stressful December can be so I’m feeling like a winner. I think that each month I go without a stress freak out, I’ll consider myself a winner. Yes, I win. I win now =).


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