It’s OK to Ask for Help

This week has tested me. My husband and daughter were both ill so running around my other child to school and hobbies as well as taking care of sick people kind of wore me out. I’m happy to say that I didn’t have a melt down. No panic attack this week!

The even better news is that everyone got better and my husband helped me out. He wentpexels-photo shopping and helped put the kids to bed, the list goes on and on. He’s kinda been my super hero this week. Love that man. I despair when I look at the house and see how much there is to do but I’m getting better at letting go. I don’t have to be the one to do it all. I think we’re all guilty of it at some point in our lives. “No one else is going to do it, so I have to get it done” or “No one else can do it right, so I have to do it”. I know I’ve been guilty of it. Our loved ones can be wonderfully helpful if we just ask for help.

As a woman, I think we’re kind of built to anticipate the needs of others. I could be wrong but usually no one needs to ask me for help because I can hear the proverbial cry for help from a mile away. I’m not sure if this is a woman thing or not. I see the laundry needs doing so I run a load. I know the kids are hungry at a certain time, so I make food. With my husband, he needs to be asked directly most of the time. If I ask him nicely, he will often help me out. My timing isn’t always stellar but asking for help is something I really need to work on. Though come to think of it, my lovely husband has run the dishwasher without my asking and also cooked dinner. Perhaps my husband has been replaced with a clone? Whatever the reason, it’s all good and I’m happy about it.

Long story short, I think we can all stand to learn to ask for help. I don’t need to be the martyr. I’ll leave the heap of dirty laundry and have a long hot bath.

I did some different things on this week though I really need to start flowing. I look at YouTube channels like BananaBlondie108 and I’m not sure whether to be inspired or depressed. I really like her videos. She has some very good yoga tutorials but I think I might give my right butt cheek to be that flexible and strong….not to mention have a room just for yoga…..a CLEAN room.

  • Nature Nidra with Craig Norris
  • Nature Nidra with Craig Norris
  • Nature Nidra with Craig Norris
  • Nature Nidra with Craig Norris
  • Yin with Charlie Merton
  • Nature Nidra with Craig Norris
  • Morning Meditation with Rishin Paonaskar

I know, I know. What’s with all the Nature Nidra!? I need to get some variety in my life right? I look at it this way….I’m proud of myself for doing something from yogaia every single day and I really think it’s helping. I listen to my body and do what it’s up and ready for. I guess a slow January can be forgiven. I did mix it up a bit with Yin. That was 45 minutes of fantastic. I just love Charlie’s classes. She’s always reading books and she shares some awesome tidbits of knowledge during class time.

I also tried something I’ve not tried before. I tried out Morning Meditation. I did it in the evening so I guess I kind of cheated but I have to say that I really enjoyed it! Rishin gave a tip during the class that had never entered my mind! He said that we should listen to all the things going on around us and instead of thinking of them as distractions, use them to focus your thoughts. That was brilliant. When ever I meditate, my kids almost always pop in half way to ask me for something like the cereal or to ask me where something is. This time was no exception. In fact they were a bit like buzzing satellites. They were both brushing their teeth with their electric tooth brushes and decided to keep me company while doing it. Then when they were done, they both sat on the couch on either side of me staring at me “I presume”. My daughter even tapped my iPad to see how much time I had left of the meditation. When it was done, she said “FINALLY!”. The meditation was only 15 minutes but with that new approach to getting centred, I was calm and managed to slow my mind. I have seriously gotta try that again!

Maybe that approach can be used during the work day. Just close the eyes and focus on all the noise around you and use it to focus and calm the mind. I’m staying calm…and staying focused.


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