Mama’s Little Helper(s)

No deep thoughts this week. Been too busy with taking care of business but I do want to share something that’s really helped me. 7As  the doctor and psychologist think my attitude is too good to give me anti-anxiety meds (not bitter…), I’ve been looking around for alternative treatments. Of course the main one has been meditation and yoga but I have been looking for other options as well. There are two that I feel pretty good recommending.

Avena Sativa is an extract from oatmeal and it’s supposed to help one relax. It didn’t really work for me as a stress reducer per se but it does make you sleepy. If you have trouble falling asleep this might do the trick. Fifteen drops of this stuff in some water and I start feeling sleepy after about 15 minutes or so but the effect doesn’t last. It doesn’t really remove the stress reaction but it does help one fall asleep.

My champion in the fight against stress is Roseroot. Seriously…I’d put a cape on this life_ruusujuuri_40_uusistuff if I could. Feel free to google it. This stuff is supposed to help with depression and a whole host of other things, but more importantly, it helps with stress. It’s supposed to act as a balancer of hormones and doesn’t seem to have any bad side effects. At least I’ve never had any. Remember, I’m no doctor nor do I play one on TV. If I take it before a full blown panic attack hits, it brings me great calm without making me feel tired. A lot of benefits have been documented and the stuff and was supposedly even used by the vikings! Roseroot isn’t made from roses though, just so you know. It’s made from the root of a flower that grows in Scandinavia. The roots smell a bit of roses. If you’d like to read more about roseroot have a look: Keep in mind that you’re not supposed to take this stuff if you’re on prescription medication for anxiety. If you’re struggling with anxiety, stress or whatever, check these out. I get mine from natural remedy stores. I don’t usually put much stock in natural remedies but I’ve been taking roseroot when I’ve needed it for at least a couple of years and I can’t fault it. It’s not a cure all and I have had panic attacks despite taking it, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve prevented a few panic attacks by taking it.

The weeks yogaia sessions:

  • Sunday: Pause. Breathe. Meditate. with James Huxley
  • Monday: Still Moments with Hermione Amitage
  • Tuesday: Yoga Nidra with Craig Norris
  • Wednesday: Yoga Nidra with Craig Norris
  • Thursday: Venyttely (stretching) with Jutta Jokinen and Yoga Nidra with Craig Norris
  • Friday: Relaxing Yoga with Emily Eaton
  • Saturday: Pause. Breathe. Meditate. with James Huxley

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