The Good the Bad and the Ugly

It’s another beautiful Sunday and my glutes are sore. In fact most of my muscles are sore. I think it’s safe to say that they are going to pain me even more tomorrow (pain in the ass…yes I went there). Muscle pain not withstanding, building can be really nice. My mind is focused on doing the job right so I can stand looking at the work I’ve done for the next 20 years. None of the normal day to day humdrum enters my head when I’m tiling. While I was toiling away, nothing was getting done otherwise. The kids were still up and not bathed, no dinner had been served. No laundry had been washed. I got pretty pissed off actually.

I finished up the building job and then continued on the chores putting the dishes away, etc. I grumbled to myself while the kids finally went to get washed up, (thank you baby daddy) and I was putting away dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. “How can he have done nothing while I was up there toiling away?!”. It was at that moment I stopped myself. This is the “I do more than you” speech I talked about in an earlier blog post. Then I started thinking about a YouTube horoscope reading I’d recently listened to (yes I listen to horoscope videos…don’t judge). She said that Libra’s tend to label things as Good or Bad and that we ought to work on that. After some thought, yeah…she’s right. There always seems to be a good guy or bad guy in every story. My husband, in his infinite wisdom (not even a joke) says that there are 3 sides to every story. The first person’s story, the 2nd persons story and then theres the truth. Nothing comes at face value really. Everyone is fighting their own battles. Of course there are some really evil f*ckers out there, don’t get me wrong but for the most part, people are just trying to get through life the best they can. They’re dealing with there own unique set of problems and so is everyone else.

So when you get mad at someone, take a breath and try to see the situation from a different point of view. It doesn’t pay to get bent out of shape over what someone else does. Let them do and you do you girl.

If you haven’t listened to Amber Khan do check her out on her channel #TheQuietestRevolution. I really enjoy her videos.

Again another week of Yoga Nidra. Though that might sound very boring, look at it this way. 2017 has thrown all sorts of shit burgers at me that would have other wise broke me down. As of this point…I’ve not had any kind of anxiety attack since December. Thats amazeballs! Until the physical exertion stops when it comes to building, I’ll just have to be satisfied with Yoga Nidra =). Be well all..and keep your head out of the drama. I’m going to do my best but that’s as much as I can promise.


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