Empathy and Anxiety

I’ve been reading, as I often do, from the wide web of wonderful. Lately, I’ve been reading about empathy, empaths and anxiety. It’s been interesting to say the least. According to lots of people out there, there are those that feel other peoples emotions. This can be happiness, anger, sadness, desire etc. Empaths often have trouble telling their own feelings from others. You can google empath and anxiety and find any number of articles. Whether you buy into that kind of thing or not, it sure is interesting. Some of the signs of being an empath that really fit me are:

1. You feel other’s feelings

You’ve noticed how sensitive you are to the emotions of others. Even before they tell you how they are feeling, you already know. You can enter a room and have a sense of the general mood of the environment.

2. Negativity overwhelms you

Where others can tolerate raised voices, conflict, or anger, it sends you over the edge. You almost feel physically sick or in pain as a result of the negative energy around you. You crave peace and calm.

3. Being in crowded places overwhelms you

You don’t like being in malls, sporting events, airports or other public places with crowds of people. You feel suffocated and overly-excited. You can’t wait to leave.

4. Strong intuition

You seem to know things without being told. You sense what needs to be done or what’s about to happen. Your gut feelings nearly always prove to be correct.

5. You need time every day with no sensory input.

You want to withdraw to your room or another quiet place to recharge.

6. You avoid negative media images

You find it extremely disturbing to watch or read about tragic news events or see unpleasant images. It bothers you so much, you avoid looking at these images at all costs.

7. You frequently have lower back and digestive problems

These are the result of dealing with negative and stressful situations and people. Your feelings show up as these physical symptoms.

8. You are the dumping ground for the problems of others

People around you seem to gravitate toward you and unload all of their pain and problems on you. Because you are an empath, you feel compelled to help, even to your own detriment.

9. You often feel fatigued

Because others take so much from you, you often feel drained of energy and extremely tired. You might even have chronic fatigue syndrome.

10. You have a very vibrant inner life

You are highly creative, imaginative, and loving. You may be involved in the arts or other creative pursuits. You feel close to animals and especially enjoy your relationship with your pets.

11. You are sensitive to sounds and sensory feelings

Loud noises or sudden dramatic movements startle you. You also feel overwhelmed by bright lights, rough fabrics, and strong smells. You also notice very delicate smells, touch, and sounds.

12. You don’t like too many things at once

When you have to multi-task or have too much coming at you at once, you feel rattled and overwhelmed.

13. You manage your environment

You create your living and working environment to accommodate your sensitivities. You arrange your schedule and commitments to avoid unpleasant, chaotic, or overly stimulating situations.

14. You don’t like narcissists

You are particularly bothered by narcissists who put themselves first all the time and aren’t sensitive to the feelings of others.  You may even believe there’s something wrong with you or that you have some kind of emotional disorder.

15. You can almost feel the days of the week

Each day of the week has a specific “feel” to it. You notice when a Wednesday feels like a Saturday. You feel particularly heavy at the start of the work week. Even months and seasons have a particular feel.

16. You are a great listener

People tell you this all the time. You listen consciously and know the right questions and comments to draw people out and make them feel heard.

17. You get bored easily

As an empath, you need to focus on work and activities that stimulate your creativity and passion. If you get bored, you resort to daydreaming, doodling, etc. However, you are still very conscientious and try hard to avoid making mistakes.

Those are the things that stood out for me. Not everything did but out of 22, 17 seemed to fit. When you look at the traits of being an empath and the traits of anxiety, there are a lot of similarities. Blocking emotions, avoidance of disharmony caused by emotionally turbulent situations, can be moody or have large mood swings due to overwhelming thoughts, feelings and emotion, tend to be slower at recovering from intense stimuli…..and so on. The list is filled with traits that are anxiety related due to the overwhelming nature of hypersensitive people (Empaths, HSPs). Interesting..no?

I dunno how much I believe but I think it’s always worth looking into every avenue especially if there’s a way to shield ones self.

This weeks activities are:

  • Sunday: shocker…Yoga Nidra
  • Monday:  Surprise…Yoga Nidra
  • Tuesday: Ooh..NEW! Yoga for Stress & Anxiety (love this btw)
  • Wednesday: Yoga Nidra
  • Thursday: Yoga Nidra
  • Friday: Yup…you guessed it, Yoga Nidra,
  • Saturday: Pause. Breathe. Meditate

Thank goodness I have a whole week off from work. I can really use it. It’s been a really lovely Easter. My car is finally fixed after being in the garage for 4 months (thank you hubby!). I learned to play a hard bass line…yes bass lessons are paying off. The tiling is almost done and I have a week off of work! I’m counting my blessings. You can find the source from: http://liveboldandbloom.com/08/self-improvement/empath-traits-of-highly-sensitive-person and https://empathicperspectives.wordpress.com/2009/12/15/empaths-hypersensitivity-anxiety-coping/


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