Bauhaus Blowouts

It’s mothers day weekend and that brings up all sorts of stuff. How do we value ourselves as mothers and women? How do we value other women? In some ways, mother’s day can also be cruel to all women who desperately want children and aren’t able to have them. Mostly, this mother’s day made me evaluate how much I love and appreciate myself. I know, that’s terribly selfish but we live in a world where mothers (and women in general) are expected to give completely, selflessly and often at the expense of our health. Most of us moms work really hard! We work all day (whether or not we’re a stay at home mom or not). Make no mistake, being a stay at home mom is the hardest job there is. I salute all of you moms that stay home with your kids. You are totally amazeballs. I, honestly, don’t have the strength to do it. If we have a day job, we come home and we work some more. While most husbands (not all mind you) sit down and rest after a long day at work, women start dinner, cleaning, laundry, etc.

wife-8Life is easier for us now than it was way back when. I can understand why so many women in the 50’s were medicated, drank and smoked. You know the lady in the picture on the right was probably on uppers. Their hair had to be perfect, the kids clean, the house spotless and dinner ready when hubby came home. Good grief. Luckily my husband values me for more than just my cooking and ability to keep the house clean. It’s a good thing too cuz damn… sticks and french fries and my house is exploded.

For mothers day weekend, we took a road trip to Tampere. It’s only 2 hours away so we jumped in the car and drove. Dear hubby reserved a lovely hotel room for the family and we had a great evening and a lovely breakfast. Then we headed to Bauhaus. For those that aren’t familiar with the chain, its a huge hardware store. They don’t happen to have it in the town I’m living in so we decided to go there and check out some stuff. Unfortunately, my nerves didn’t like it and I had a very near panic attack. I find weekends are SO very important for me. I need that time to rest and reset myself. Going to Tampere, no matter how fun, was a stressful thing my body didn’t want to deal with. I basically sat for an hour in the light/lamp section while the family checked out all the cool odds and ends. My daughter wasn’t feeling great either so really, we hung out there comparing light fixtures and choosing our favourites. Result! That’s quality time right there. Long story short, we jumped in the car, went back home and Mama took a beta blocker. It has to be said that I really appreciate my family and their patience especially my husband. What a wonderful man he is =).

It’s been touch and go these past few weeks with my old friend stress. I’ve been very on edge. Yoga, meditation and medication all needed. When in doubt, I take long deep breaths and remember that this shit is temporary.

This past week’s sessions:

  • Sunday: Yoga nidra
  • Monday: Yoga nidra
  • Tuesday: Drop into Stillness
  • Wednesday: Yoga nidra
  • Thursday: Yoga nidra
  • Friday: Yoga nidra
  • Saturday: Create Space in The Body

Ohm……Ohm……this shit is temporary…..ohm….ohm…..ohm….f#%#%”Ck


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