Miss me? Been a while ain’t it?

Its been a long long long long long long ass while since I wrote a post. No point in apologising really. Life happens but let’s be honest to each other because, you know, our relationship is deep like that….shit happens.

At this point I’d love to tell you all the fabulous reasons for skipping writing on Sundays. I didn’t win the lottery or get swept off on some long romantic get away (I wish). Life happened, I got busy and stressed out and I fell out of the rhythm. Isn’t that something? I’ve not been doing yoga but I did have a nice summer holiday and have been practicing Reiki healing on myself. I suppose that in itself is kind of like mediation and yoga. They’re all interrelated and I’m wondering if some of the things we see are clever marketing from hundreds of years ago. This is how I envision it……enter scenario vision…

Some person (Let’s call this person X) long ago in a far away country reaches down to pick up something off the ground and it stretches…and this person decides that stretching….and chilling is pretty cool and that it feels nice. Some of this persons buddies start to notice that this shit is pretty fly and they join in.  Now one of the buddies wanted to borrow X’s slow cooker but X said no so this buddy (let’s call this person B) gets pissed at X. B goes off and starts their own thing to spite X but decides to use hands to push the muscles cuz that feels awesome. X loses some business and B starts doing well and makes millions. You see where I’m going with this? Each one is pretty related. Who knows…maybe B just wanted X’s apple pie recipe and X told him to fuck off? At any rate, all this stuff is related and it all seems to be good for you.

On the plus side, i’ve been feeling great. I don’t know why. I’ve been doing pretty well after doing the Reiki course. Did I tell you guys that I’m Reiki certified yet? Hellz to the yeaz. I can heal your ass…and other things. I feel calmer. Some days I do feel like i’m being run over by cats but on the whole, I’ve been good. This might have more to do with then summer holiday but I remain optimistic. I survived my better halfs 3 week trip to India. The kids had the stomach flu, i had the stomach flu and everything basically went bat shit crazy.

My new mantra?….I’m just going with it. Just go with the flow. I’m in the riptide and I’m riding it out.


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