Murphy’s Law and Other Nonsense

why-god-whyYou might have noticed a bit of a break in the writing. This is kind of the first moment I’ve had to sit down and actually write something. My better half has been on a work trip for the past 2 weeks. He’ll be back in another week for a grand total of 3 weeks away. Of course all the crap hits the fan the moment he leaves. Isn’t that Murphy’s law or something?

It was the last week of school, so I’ve been shuttling kids to and from school. I’ve had my own things going on and really long days at work that usually don’t happen. Then to top it off so far, my son got some stomach flu with high fever. Try and picture it, 9 year old boy whining at the top of his lungs because he feels so bad, then having stuff coming out of both ends simultaneously. The rug still needs washing. The poor thing got a major dose of sick all over it. Then a couple of days later, the daughter gets sick and now me. These last two weeks have not been the high point of my existence BUT I’m surviving! I’ve not had any panic attacks (shocking actually) and I’ve not beheaded anyone (also another shocker).

On a positive note I had my Reiki attunement last Tuesday. That was one of “my own things”. It was a really moving experience really. I didn’t expect to feel anything. As I sat in the chair with my eyes closed, I had waves of hot and cold move up my back, then heat up my neck. I saw colours and images in my minds eye. Towards the end, I started to shake and then cry. The tears just sort of came out of nowhere. After the attunement, I was really out of it. I didn’t feel like talking. I was tired and kind of empty feeling. It was odd. I tried to watch “Suicide Squad” but I just couldn’t finish watching it. One because it was a terrible movie and two because I just couldn’t concentrate. I went to bed and slept like the dead. From the moment the attunement took place, my hands and feet have been hot and kind of buzzing. Rather than doing all yoga, I’ve been doing Reiki healing sessions on myself each night. I’ve slept deeply and dreamed. My body has been a bit off kilter but they say that after an attunement, your body tries to clear itself of toxins in the body (emotional and physical). I’ve had a headache since the attunement. I think i’m not drinking enough water. These side effects may go on for 21 days after the attunement. I’ve done some healing on my daughter. After the first healing she got a fever and felt terrible. I don’t know if this is the flu she caught from her brother or the reiki energy helping her body fight. For those that don’t know, my daughter has been suffering from a stomach illness for the past 6 months and the doctors are stumped as to what it is. She was one of the reasons I decided to try Reiki.

The neighbours dog let me pick it up the other day and stayed in my lap for a really long time. The neighbour was surprised as the dog doesn’t usually want to be in anyones lap and if the dog is in the lap, it’s never for very long. I blame reiki. They say animals love Reiki energy. Even as I’m typing this, my hands are hot and glowing. It’s an interesting sensation.

As for what I’ve been doing for the past almost 2 weeks, a mixture of Yoga Nidra, meditation and Reiki self healing. It’s been an interesting 2 weeks. If I survive this 3rd week, I’ll celebrate. Not sure how I’ll celebrate but I’ll figure it out. This week should also have long long work days, up to 9pm in some cases. Thank goodness for grandparents. I’m so grateful that they live so close and are happy to take the kids for a few days. For now, I’m just trying to get through things one day at a time and realising that perhaps, I’m stronger than I thought.